New Honda 2019 Honda Passport Trim Levels near Bay Ridge New York l Brooklyn near New York City NY

2019 Honda Passport Trim Levels near Bay Ridge New York

2019 Honda Passport Trim Levels near Bay Ridge New York
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Vehicle Overview

There are four choices of fabulous configurations for the fantastic new Passport from Honda for 2019. The attractive Honda Passport, which recently arrived at a few different dealerships, is now available in four versions, which include the following: Touring, Sport, EX-L, and Elite. This new and beautiful sports utility vehicle from the Japanese manufacturer will undoubtedly end up being a real hit with American motorists. Various incredible versions of the fabulous Passport will be available to all sorts of diverse travelers. This new version of the Passport from Honda for 2019 has many different trim levels which range from the fantastic Sport model to the very luxurious and gorgeous Touring version.

Bay Ridge NY - 2019 Honda Passport Sport

The Sport Trim Level

With the most recent version of the Passport, motorists will appreciate the fact that they can discover a sports utility vehicle that respects the wild spirit of pioneers. But at the same moment, this automobile also manages to advance a tremendous and fabulous overall modernity. The Honda Passport is no exception to the quality we have come to expect from this incredible Japanese manufacturer. However, its driving is also a little more inspired than that of its siblings, except perhaps the attractive CX-9 which is almost as good as the new Passport from Honda for 2019.

Bay Ridge NY - 2019 Honda Passport EX-L

The EX-L Trim Level

And it is precisely this version of the latest edition of the Passport that you should test drive today. The dashboard and the steering wheel are both full of buttons. If we discuss the Passport itself, we shall appreciate the fact that Honda equipped it with a 3.5-liter engine V6 and this motor provides plenty of power. The Honda Passport is leading the wave of these pseudo-SUVs, which are gradually taking the place of the vans of yesteryear. I have received several good comments on this sports utility vehicle, especially from the passengers sitting in the first back seat. Honda packed the cabin with a multitude of features, which will undoubtedly appeal to all family members. This update is quite a change for this new generation, the third since Honda first introduced the model in 1993. With a suspension calibrated for comfort first and foremost, the automobile assembled in Lincoln, Alabama in the United States is the ideal prototype of the sports utility vehicle designed to swallow the miles.

Bay Ridge NY - 2019 Honda Passport Touring

The Touring Trim Level

The new Passport from Honda for 2019 has all sorts of features, and by using the onboard computer, you can figure out your average weekly fuel consumption. I should mention that this Passport has been the subject of much ink over the years, and it uses some advanced equipment which a driver will find in a wide range of Honda sports utility vehicles. We exaggerate a little, but the Passport has always displayed an attractive rectangular silhouette that seemed to have been drawn using squares and rulers. A very convenient basic version of the Touring is excellent, but few will be able to resist the charm of this most recent version of the Passport. I mention this because the new Passport gives us much more than we imagine for our money, even at this price. The Honda Passport has already proven its worth, it is seriously starting to get incredible, and it has overshadowed the competition. In many cases, this latest edition of the Passport is light years ahead of its rivals both in terms of driving and design.

Bay Ridge NY - 2019 Honda Passport Elite

The Elite Trim Level

First of all, let’s mention that Honda utterly renewed the new Passport from this Japanese manufacturer in many ways. Visibility is excellent thanks to the square shape of the vehicle and the generous glass surface it allows. Well, one rarely recognizes Honda vehicles for their bling factor, and the Passport is not the most expensive sports utility vehicle on the market. But when you consider all the features that you get for your money, you’ll appreciate the fact that this manufacturer has updated this automobile to keep up with the current trends, and this most up to date variation of the Passport smartly adopts some advanced oversized wheels and fabulous LED lighting. Once you’re behind the wheel of the most recent version of the Passport, you’ll quickly notice that there’s plenty of fantastic space in the cabin. It’s always like that, and the onboard computers for the new Passport from Honda for 2019 are also invariably well made. However, when a loss of grip is detected, it can reassign power to the rear wheels, and the i-VTM4 system can even distribute it between the left and right rear wheels. All-wheel drive is available with the latest edition of the Passport, while the automatic four-speed transmission or the manual 5-speed both do their respective jobs very smoothly. These gearboxes are some of the most impressive aspects of this most popular variant of the Passport. This sports utility vehicle has amazed me with its excellent handling and fabulous comfort for an incredible vehicle of this size.


If you are looking to read some additional information on the groundbreaking Passport and also its trim levels, then you will want to pay a visit to our shop. Our store has decided to focus its attentiveness on benefiting visitors to our business. Always keep this piece of information under consideration: Each of our different trim levels happens to be superb.
*Article for general informational purposes, for complete trim level details, please contact the dealership.

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