New Honda 2019 Honda Pilot Trim Levels near Bay Ridge New York l Brooklyn near New York City NY

2019 Honda Pilot Trim Levels near Bay Ridge New York

2019 Honda Pilot Trim Levels near Bay Ridge New York
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Vehicle Overview

The new Pilot is superior to the competition. And it is precisely this version of the latest edition of the Pilot that you should test. As I said, it’s a Honda, so you know its great. Also, vehicles like the most recent version of the Pilot that fall into the mid-size SUV category are generally not overly lightweight. The headroom of the most up to date variation of the Pilot increases, the foot room increases, both of them is impressive. There are pretty much no criticisms that I can apply to the new Pilot or any of the brand’s products, not just the Pilot. At least, the latest edition of the Pilot from Honda is more pleasant to use than the Acura, the AcuraLink with its two superposed screens. But while other models are still poorly equipped at this price, the new Pilot offers all the gadgets imaginable, especially in terms of safety. It doesn’t behave like a big, square sports utility vehicle, even if it is. Yes, the most recent version of the Pilot is also imposing from the outside.

Bay Ridge NY - 2019 Honda Pilot LX

The LX Trim Level

Both the interior and exterior of the Honda Pilot is excellent. In my opinion, the new Pilot is the most exciting sports utility vehicle on the market. The integral gear does not lock 50/50 as on the old generation. The higher number of gears is a guarantee of fuel economy and even acceleration efficiency, but on the other hand, the reliability of the unit is also never questioned here. The external dimensions of the Pilot are imposing. However, this new generation of the latest edition of the Pilot also receives the following: cylinder deactivation to improve its fuel economy and direct injection to increase its power. Honda has altered the big box look of the new Pilot for 2019, but it remains impressive. I like the interiors in Honda’s other cars, but the Pilot impressed me with its sleek and elegant design.

Bay Ridge NY - 2019 Honda Pilot EX

The EX Trim Level

The driving of the new Pilot is really up to Honda’s reputation. With its impressive mechanics, the latest edition of the Pilot does his job flawlessly. As for the towing capacity, Honda tells us that it is good. What I appreciate is the presence of buttons, and these controls make it easier to do things like changing the channel or adjusting the volume of the radio. I must say that these large crossovers like the most recent version of the Pilot are taking up more and more of the space once reserved for minivans. A sofa can be moved much more quickly than before, with the maximum volume increasing. Once you drive the Honda Pilot, you’ll see that this is the Pilot’s greatest strength. If you are comfortable with operating this new Pilot from Honda, then the Honda Pilot is the right choice because of its combination of reliability and versatility.

Bay Ridge NY - 2019 Honda Pilot EX-L

The EX-L Trim Level

For less than the Touring, you still get heated seats, LED headlights, a rearview camera, and 8-passenger configuration. The new Pilot from Honda for 2019 has a GPS navigation system with precise instructions, and the screen controls are also very comfortable. The latest edition of the Pilot has no more dashboards with visible gaps and cheap plastics, and Honda replaced these issues with a newly updated sophisticated and elegant design. However, the new model is also as accommodating as the old one. Well built, it seems to be a great sports utility vehicle. On the other hand, occupants in the third row will appreciate the fact that this sports utility vehicle has the right amount of hip and shoulder space, probably the result of the rounder bodywork.

Bay Ridge NY - 2019 Honda Pilot Touring

The Touring Trim Level

At the top is the “fully equipped” Touring version. Fortunately, the Touring model has only one attractive screen, unlike the Accord. All-wheel drive is standard with Pilot Touring, while the nine-speed transmission does its job smoothly. For example, the automatic gearbox of the Touring version, the one I examined, receives nine gears while the others are only allowed six. The Touring edition also trades a three-seat bench for two captain’s seats. The nine-speed automatic transmission is excellent, and Honda exclusively bolted this unit to this Touring edition. All other vehicle trim levels retain the six-speed automatic transmission developed by Honda, and the one bolted into the Pilot Touring being a product of the manufacturer ZF. I’m a fan of this nine-gear transmission, built by the German firm ZF.

The Elite Trim Level

With its lightweight, the Honda Pilot offers a stable ride on the highway. First, the soundproofing of the new Pilot from Honda for 2019 is excellent, making the cabin very quiet and we realize that the power of the V6 3.5-liter is enough to move this sports utility vehicle, which has also lost weight in this new version.


Should you have the desire to read some additional information on the modern Pilot and its trim levels, then you should find out more about this automobile from our employees. Our organization has decided to focus its efforts on providing the right vehicles for regional purchasers. You must also know this fact: You’ll likely fall in love with every single one of the trim levels acquirable for the Pilot.
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